Working Group 1

Working Group Leaders:


Seismicity and fluid at TTPBs: field data and modeling

​Central Themes and Questions:

  • How does the geodynamic context determine the initiation and evolution of TTPBs?
  • How are chemical, thermal and mechanical heterogeneities created in the lithosphere, and how do they influence the distribution of deformation and seismicity?
  • What are the interactions between magmatism and faulting at TTPBs?
  • How is seismicity distributed along TTPBs, and how do characteristics of seismicity (e.g. magnitude, focal mechanisms, foreshock activity) vary with age and slip rate?
  • What are the characteristics (alteration, porosity and permeability) of old undeformed oceanic lithosphere?
  • How does oceanic material (e.g. ophiolitic sutures) affect mechanical properties, seismicity and creep?
  • What is the origin of fluids, and to what extent does depth of penetration, mixing and chemical composition vary along TTPBs?
  • How does hydrothermal fluid flow interact with fault structure and seismicity?


P. Henry                         L. Matias


Cold seep